Thursday, April 16


I break the hiatus for a short announcement:

If you live around Pittsburgh and are interested in learning - Indian (Carnatic) vocal music, look no further.

Darshana Menon, awesome singer and dear family is now giving music lessons at Wexford, Pittsburgh.

Rates: range between $10.00—$15.00 per one-hour class segment, depending on the age and skill level of the student.

Darshana has been trained in Carnatic Vocal Music for over 10 years, with significant teaching experience. She has won several local and national level singing competitions, the latest being Zee TV’s Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2008 USA.

So there.

Wednesday, October 22

its bye bye, consciously
to get rid of thought-spirals
to control diffusion
at the same time I know, that I can't stay away
so later, perhaps
younger, wiser and as a straight-line
and until then, be safe, stay well and drink lots of water

Sunday, October 12

my current reality includes being lost, desperate, irritable and feeling hopelessly stuck
mood swings that would give a roller-coaster a serious inferiority complex
is wearing me out, my patience and sanity
my current reality, thankfully has friends, even if they are on the other side of the planet or somewhere half-way in between

i despair for me and would like to put this down to PMS
this is how it really is
pms is just an excuse for heightened sensation and unparalleled expression

Thursday, October 2


sneaky lil' A tagged me and while I'm not in the habit of completing these tag thingies, I give in to this one out of sheer love for the lil

And in keeping with the tradition, (hey!) I hereby tag:
1) June Bug
2) C
3) Aditi (Who no longer blogs)
4) HB
5) Akshy
6) Divs &
7) Doctober
oh... and I nearly forgot.... also, Monika, who simply must blog now :)

My oldest memory :

is quite hazy but involves sitting on the courtyard wall (okay, the compound wall) watching a row of ducks walk by

10 years ago :
I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now... I was unbelievably uptight, heavier than I now am, had a sub-zero sense of humour, on the brink of perennial irritation, would have laughed if you'd told me I'd be this, that I am today.

My first thought today morning :
"What time is it?"

You built a time capsule today what would it contain?
Stationery (paper, pens etc), photographs & a camera, books, music, plants / seeds, an atlas, a torchlight, socks, a jacket and maybe, a stole
oh and maybe some garam masala

This year: has gone by too fast

14 years from now - I will be a disastrously old person. what horror!

Thursday, September 18

Sunlight streams in through the blinds

And I no longer feel compelled to resist
the images that people have of me
of mother earth, taking care
of child, demanding attention
of mental-case, conspiring with the dear sister, laughing
of quirk-queen

and those that they don't perhaps have of me

I feel in this one moment
quite free
of the need to resist, defy or prove

And I pray that the moment lasts, this long life-time.

For as my mother - that one person who is completely aware of my quirks, my restlessness, my unreasonableness and temper - said today, "oh well, its not everyday that you get a chance this kind of thing".